My Story


   Or more accurately, when I realised I could produce some really startling light effects on my paintings by using the technique of pointillism. It changed my whole idea of how to depict scenes, especially night scenes.

   It began about six years ago; I had just finished a landscape and instead of cleaning my palette, I put a canvas on my easel showing a scene in Venice which I had abandoned some eighteen month before and started covering it with texture paste, roughly sketching out a harbour scene.

   After about thirty minutes, when the paste had dried hard, I started using up paint that was unused on the palette and produced a scene in about ninety minutes, which I called HARBOUR LIGHTS  (a copy of which is shown below)


                                     The painting is now hanging in a lawyer`s office in Indianapolis, USA


By now I had developed a keen interest in pointillism and I started producing small works in that style, while all the time revising the ways I actually applied the paint. Some of these earlier work were painted with larger spots of paint, but gradually I started fining them down as I got more into the genre.

  I always cover the canvas with what I think is the base colour for the whole of the painting. This means I can immediately see some progress when I start applying the various colours that eventually make up the finished work.

Les Conroy


When I started to paint