liverpool waterfront at night

One of my first pointillism works. This took nearly 4 months to finish. It shows the Royal Liver building on the , The Cunard building in the centre and the old Mersey Docks and Harbour Board on the right. The dark building in the front towards the river is ferry terminal offices.


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singapor at night

Singapore At Night

Original oil on canvas from a photograph

Rembrandt Enl

Sir Brian Mountain. Officer London

Copy after Rembrandt.  oil on canvas

pres of yemen Joss Stone as   Anne Of Cleves in TV`s The Tudors

Joss Stone as Anne Of Cleves in the TV production

The Tudors

   Hong Kong At Night

Original oil on canvas from a photograph by Mr Clive James



The artist Les Conroy

Page 13 pres of yemen

Late President Of Yemen Peoples Republic

Original oil on canvas    SOLD

Arab Trader From Yemen

Original  oil on canvas

Arab Trader from Yemen my venice page  AFTER the STORM

Helen Svedin Model

Original oil on canvas

Something about me

  I have been painting since 1971 when I was given an oil painting set as a birthday gift. My first effort on a piece of hardboard was an Austrian lake scene. Over the years, I have gone on to painting much larger landscapes, portraits and discovered the delights of painting in the pointillism style, some of which are shown on this website. It has been a long hard road to be able to say some of my art works are now with collectors in the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Yemen,The Netherlands and the UK.

For twenty years I was a tutor in Fine Art for Sefton Arts Development in Liverpool,where for a long time I had 4 classes of pupils of ages varying from 16 to 93 years.

 It is 12 x 8ins. It is in heavy impasto to give the appearance of immediacy It is supposed to be a canal scene in Holland on a summers afternoon I will replace it as I make progress sometime soon.

POINTILLISM How I go about painting in this style.

There are various styles of pointillism and all probably have there own merits. I have found out ways of painting pointillism to suit the various subjects I paint. So for the moment I will discuss landscapes and cityscapes.


Summers Day In Holland

Small port in Brittany

Below is my latest work.



This is my first Sunflower painting and I have used heavy impasto on the flowers. The scene is wholly in my imagination. I have tried to portray a hot summers day in Tuscany

I have been painting for over forty years, starting originally making landscapes then, as I gained more experience I have been including portraits, seascapes and some still-life works.

Over these past few years I have been painting in the pointillism style. Although I find it is a slow process, I feel I can often better achieve the various effects of light and the grading of tones.


Tuscany snflowers